Get 10% OFF stuff at with the code in this video. MY TOP 5 GOLF TRAVEL TIPS Mark Crossfield Coach Lockey and Rory from YourGolfTravel talk travel tips for all…



  1. #1 Tip: Be prepared to play in the rain. After spending loads of money, there will be people in your group that will be determined and/or prepared to play. You don't want to be the one soaking wet or drinking alone at the clubhouse.

  2. great tips, I´ve played in places as far flung as Sri Lanka, Italy, Portugal, and Barbados. Going to Costa Rica in Jan. Love travelling and playing golf somewhere warm, is there anything better? 😉

  3. I'm with coach. I can get drunk any day of the week. But when I'm paying £500 For a weekend in Spain playing 3 rounds of golf I want to enjoy the golf. Normally fly Friday morning play Friday afternoon, play as early as possible on Saturday, few beers watch a match and early to bed, then play 1st thing Sunday, chill rest of Sunday and then get last flight back home ready for work Monday morning. Tip for packing. Put toiletries in golf bag as you can't put them in your hand luggage

  4. Great video for all the people out there with  no common sense, better advice is just don't bother going golfing abroad as the two days you spend travelling can be spent golfing in England instead as we have much better courses all over our country and it doesn't  matter where you go its the people you are with that count. Spending £100's of pounds on flights and hotels and hire cars and paying over priced green fees just because the course is abroad and the hanging around airports and getting through customs etc just isn't worth all the hassle  , much better to say ok lads we are off to Lancashire to play fantastic courses like Hillside , Formby , Birkdale and Lytham this year and next year we will go to north wales or down to kent or up to scotland.. we are spoilt for choice in this country and yet most do the trip over to portugal to play overplayed over priced golf courses in the sun which is stupid as if its sunny much better to be on the beach than sweltering on a golf course.

  5. I just want to know how you swing this past Mrs Crossfield. Seriously man you must be hung like an Alabama porch monkey to keep her happy enough to let you bugger off on golf trips every 5 mins😆😆

  6. Love the have fun travel tip the best! I recently played the Kapalua Plantation Course. My game wasn’t the best but the course was beautiful. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. I had no idea how to play the strong wind on the back nine but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the best course I have ever played. Cheers bruh! Love the channel.

  7. I made the mistake in Atlanta on my last trip (also my first trip with clubs) of sitting for about 10 minutes at the baggage carousel…turned around and seen over sized luggage and about 15 golf bags laying over there! Excellent tips boys!

  8. Off to Benalmadena next week, the piss up in the night is up there as a reason we go as much as the golf is…and cause of this, if i have a shit round the next day i'm next exactly to arsed about it😂

  9. 1. Drink plenty of alcohol
    2. Drink plenty of alcohol
    3. Drink plenty of alcohol
    4. Drink plenty of alcohol
    5. Take plenty of headache/sickness tablets to overcome all the alcohol drank…

  10. Going to Nice this weekend to play golf for 5 days. Great timing on the video!!
    Also keep up the great content, really good mix of technical, entertainment and general info. Big thumbs up!

  11. I spent a lot of time in Turin and around the city when I was working, a great destination for a break. Not only great food and wine but a couple of wonderful museums, the biggest Egyptian museum in EU if not the World and a great Motor museum (Turin is Fiat city) and of course a great Opera House.

  12. I use a club protector which extends about two inches above the longest clubs in my bag. It's about 47-48 inches when extended,but can be adjusted up or down as needed. It consists of a extendable metal shaft with a hard plastic top cover (like a small umbrella/dome). It protects your woods from baggage crush. I've lost two drivers to the gorilla baggage handlers. This takes up the impact.
    Heartily recommend this or switching to a hard travel case.

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